You’ve accidentally reached my blog which is meant to be read and enjoyed just by me. Anyway since you are here, look around – it can’t hurt. Maybe someone will even comment. Here I am at the start of January 2012 – well it is near enough to the start anyway on the 9th of Jan and I have undertaken to write something useful everyday – if not useful at least something that made me laugh.

regards Myrtle the Turtle

(Yes I know I am bad at pseudonyms but I must have one else how will I be able to write about all those lovely and unlovely people in my life without hurting them)


PS: I am turning fifty this year and much to my pleasure I have just found out I am not in middle age – standby I will post on this finding soon.

No, that’s not me – but I like swimming and I think it is a neat picture. Did you know you can get free photos to use in your blogs at morguefile


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