A secret to how to fix a relationship?

fix a broken relationship

Did you know you can rewire a man’s brain to find you irresistible.  Well this video tells you how to find out all about this. I was a bit shocked at the the Dr John Gottman finding – specifically how they can tell whether your your relationship is so irrevocably doomed by watching you and your partner relate for 3 minutes… and they can do this with 96% accuracy.

You can watch this great video on how to

When it feels like the love has died…

This is a typical story..

We are having major communication and  intimacy issues. We are spread so thin with work, kids and in-laws that we really do not connect at all anymore. We are basically just living parallel lives  and rushing from one thing to the next.  Serious serial parenters. I do think each of us is a good parent and our son and daughter seem happy enough, but we do not have anything resembling a partnership. Everyone says book a babysitter but we both don’t have the time or energy. We are both so knackered after we put the kids to bed. I just want to go to bed and sleep.

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Why is it so hard to be kind?

This morning I was doing a masters swimming squad and a new lady joined. As she tired she would stop at the end of the lane and then spread herself in the middle making it extremely difficult for other swimmers to do a tumble turn. Eventually I asked her to stand at the close to the lane ropes but felt awkward doing so. Of course in my mind I am justifying how dangerous it is, how she should know better, how I wish others would tell her, how I could do a tumble turn and “accidentally” bump her on purpose (not kind I know but she would get the message) mumph, mumph, mumph….forgetting that we are all human, that mostly we all want the same thing :- to be valued, loved, happy and healthy.
I became aware of that little critical voice in my head that not only criticizes others but constantly criticizes me and it is exhausting!

Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.

Theodore Isaac Rubin

Regards Sofia