Giving up your story and freeing yourself


So many of us hang onto our story, e.g., “my first husband beat me up”,  “my stepfather raped me”, as if it defines us.

Who would you be if you gave that up.

What could you be if you gave up the idea that you are shy or scared or have low self-esteem. Most of which has become beliefs we hold dear because we have repeated it over and over to ourselves and others. Instead for the next 3 weeks resist them temptation to tell anyone about what happened to you in the past. If you must speak about yourself, talk about the new you are creating right now.

Wayne Dyer draws a wonderful metaphor with the wake of a boat – The wake being your story and your past which you have left behind. The wake does not drive the boat, you do. Neither does your story drive you. The wake is only what is in the  past so let it go.

Put your energy on moving forward and creating a new reality.

Much love Sofia.