When relaxing makes you a faster

So counter-intuitive – this morning I took 4 seconds off my 50 meter sprint time by just relaxing and focusing on the pull.

What flabbergasted me is that I did not feel exhausted afterwards or during the swim I felt as if I was in a dream, in the flow state that we are sometimes lucky enough to enter. I was so surprised by my improvement I accused the coach of lying.

Could it be that this applies to most things.

When we try too hard we get there slower, we are more exhausted. Instead if we relax and focus on what is really important we enter that creative zone where anything is possible.

I am no trying to focus on the state which I was in when I achieved this – can I reproduce it – especially during races?

Perhaps this is the wrong question – Instead I will ask or yearn for no more and just focus in the moment, relax and let my arms do what they are trained to do.  Who knows.

Let me know if you have had a similar experience.

Kind regards Sophia

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